Ag Trucks came into being because we imagined that producers would respond to better quality in truck mounted
application equipment than what was available to  producers at that time. As farmers ourselves, and ones that can never
go very long without "tweaking" a piece of equipment to meet our specific needs, we acknowledged that there are many
others operators out there that would like to have more say in how their equipment is configured. Every system we build
is a custom system. The customer chooses  the truck, poly or stainless tank, tank size, style back rack, boom type and
width along with tire type and size.

        "Think of us as your Ag Application Chopper Shop"

We have used truck based applicators for many years in our own operation and realized the benefits: simplicity, cost
effectiveness, mobility, and less weight. With fuel costs steadily on the rise, fuel efficiency is a major concern. A truck
mounted spray system can easily save you 40% on fuel over a high clearance hydrostat. This can easily amount to a savings
of $300 dollars per day. Hardly chicken feed. Mobility is also a big benefit. Farms are getting larger and more spread out,
and our customers were tired of spending too much time on the road, and less in the field. With 40 - 45 mph road speeds,

        "get there twice as fast, on half the gas"

Ag Trucks prides itself on quality and attention to detail, from looking for nice used (or new) chassis, tig welded stainless
steel plumbing, custom made cabling, proper controller placement and control switches that have just the right "feel". As
operators and custom applicators with years of fabrication experience, we at Ag Trucks understand how this equipment is
supposed to work in the field.

        "We have insight beyond the brochure"

Remember: Ag Trucks is much more than trucks and truck mounted systems. See our
Products page for more details. At Ag
Trucks, we deal strictly in Ag application lawn mowers, no BBQ grills, just products that help make your
operation more profitable.

Please visit our galleries of past completed projects. You'll see what we're talking about. Then give us a call and we'll help
make your next applicator what
you want it to be.

Thank you.


Steve Raska and Dave Bell