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applicator purchase.
Custom built truck-based liquid and dry application systems, as well as a
dealer for everything listed below. Click on the logo to visit their page.
Sprayflex Sprayers are truck mounted systems that are built to cover
large acreages in a short time. Very rugged and efficient.
RBR Vector 300
Manufacturers of quality fertilizer equipment since....well, forever.  Pull
type spreader carts, truck boxes, and tenders.
Manufacturers of spraying systems as small as 50 gallon all the way up to
1600 gallons, with many other products to choose from. We have been
very pleased with the Wylie boom systems for use on our truck sprayers.
F/S manufacturing builds many types of application equipment from lawn
and garden sized all the way up to self-propelled high  wheel sprayers.
We are also a cooperating Trimble dealer aligned with Triangle Ag
Services. We offer sales as well as full custom installation for all Trimble
products.  A precision ag equipment dealer for many years, Triangle Ag
Services offers superior service based on real world experience.