A farmer south of Ryegate, MT called us and wanted to upgrade from
his pick up sprayer and again, wanted more capacity. He had
procured an older, yet mechanically sound Mini Jimmy. The original
spray system was extremely tired, so it was scrapped. We had a used
set of 60ft Precision booms and center rack and reconditioned them
to use on this project. The rest of the system was built by us,
implementing many of the features used in our more expensive SS
sprayers. 1000 gal poly tank, 50 gal rinse tank, SS foamer, Honda drive
with self contained hydraulics to run the booms. The main spray
frame and front boom rack were powder coated. Electric over
hydraulic boom controls and a Raven 440 controller. Very simple and
*  1980 GMC Mini Jimmy
*  GM Diesel, Allison Auto, 2 speed rear axle, semi float tires
*  New Ag Trucks 1000 gallon poly  system, 50 gallon rinse
*  Honda engine drive, Hypro pump, SS foamer,
*  Self contained hydraulics with electric over hydraulic boom      
*  Reconditioned 60ft Precision straight steel booms, SS spray       
*  Raven 440 controller, Raven GPS speed sensor
GM 1000P SFL ST60