*  1992 Chevy Top Kick C7000
*   427 gas, 5 speed manual, 2 speed rear axle
*   Super single tires and alloy wheels  
*   New Ag Trucks 1000 gallon poly system, 50 gallon rinse,
reconditioned 60 ft Precision straight steel booms and center   
rack, air shock cushioned, SS spray tubes, triple nozzle bodies.
*   Raven 440 controller, GPS speed, Trimble EZ Guide 500, EZ       
A custom applicator near Fort Benton, MT contacted us about
building a sprayer for him. His main need was mobility; to be able to
move from job to job at highway speeds along with the other
features that go along with all our products: simplicity and value. He
had a C7000 Chevy with a 427 gas and a 5 speed trans. It is a natural
for this sized system. We had another used set of 60 ft precision
booms, so we reconditioned them and, with the custom built spray
frame, sent them out for black powder coat. Honda powered spray
system as well as self contained boom hydraulics. These units are
held onto the truck with 6 U bolts and can be moved to another
chassis very easily. A set of super singles and some alloy wheels were
a nice touch.
GM 1000P SFL ST60 2