This truck is as nice as any one that we have done. A producer came
to us wanting a sprayer that offered longevity, mobility, capacity,
light weight, narrow track, and economy. This farmer and his son,
became poster children for what a truck mounted sprayer can offer.
The platform is a 1997, rebuilt, IH 4900. The system is our typical 1280
SS tank with 80 ft steel boom. They chose row crop tire
configuration with 60 in tall rears and 46 in super singles for the
fronts. The front is lifted 6 inches to allow for taller fronts, along
with fender and bumper extensions. Old 4.10 gears were swapped
out for 7.17s. Trimble 500 and EZ Steer complete this exceptional
* 1997 IH 4900, 230 HP, Allison automatic, 7.17 gears
* 7.17 Rear gears, row crop rear tires, super single fronts
* 1280 gallon SS tank, 60 gallon rinse
*Stahly self-level center rack / 80ft Stahly booms
*24hp Honda pump drive
*Trimble 500 / EZ guide / EZ Steer
1997IH 1280SS RC ST80