IH 4900 1280SS RC AL90 2
Another very nice truck that went down to Moore, MT. The
operator wanted to be able to move down the road faster than their
older high clearance hydro and have more capacity. One of the
outstanding features of this truck is the 2 speed Rockwell planetary
rear axle. STOUT. This IH 4900 has 300HP 530 IH engine. We replaced
the original Loral liquid system with a brand new Stahly SS 1280 tank
and system. The customer originally opted for 90 ft aluminum booms
but after having them in the field for a while we swapped them out
for the original  Stahly straight steel 80s. Row crop tires, with 46 in
rears. To accommodate the larger rears, we had Precision Tank build
us custom SS fenders (not shown in this photo)  Raven controller,
Trimble EZ Guide and EZ Steer. The customer has mentioned a
number of times about how much more mud this truck will go
through than their high clearance machine.
*  1999 IH 4900
*  300 HP IH 530, Allison Auto trans
*  38,000# Rockwell planetary rear axle, row crop tires
*  New Stahly 1280 SS system, 60 gal rinse, SS induction cone
*  SS spray tubes, triple nozzle bodies, SS foamer
*  80 ft Stahly steel straight booms, self level center rack
*  Hydraulic pump drive, SS Hypro 2x1-1/2 pump
*  Electric in-cab sparger control  
*  Raven 450 controller, Trimble EZ Guide 500, EZ Steer