their current pick up sprayer. Like many others, mobility was a main
concern as well as longevity. Another problem they had was rough
ground due to gopher and badger infestations. They selected a
1280 gallon stainless system with a self-level, 80 ft boom and
semi-float tires. The small floater tires offered a smoother ride as
well as flotation. They chose this boom, because it was the same A
farmer at Chester, Montana was looking for a replacement for width
as their previous sprayer but offered 2.5 times the capacity. The
truck is a very nice truck with an automatic transmission. Truck
modifications included frame shortening, front lift, front fender
extensions, wide entry steps, auxilliary transmission cooler, new
lower rear gears. This project turned out very nice and should
offer many years of good service.
2000IH 1280SS SFL ST80
* 2000 IH 4900 truck, 230Hp, Allison automatic
* 7.17 rear gears, semi-float tires,
* 1280 Gallon SS tank, integral SS fenders, 50 Gallon rinse
* 80 ft straight boom, steel, powder coated, triple nozzle bodies
* Trimble 500 with EZ Steer
* Raven 450 Controller, 5 section boom, SS spray tubes
* Honda engine drive