This customer had purchased a mini pick up and requested a 50
gallon skid mount sprayer for spraying around the yard and spot
spraying around the farm. We mounted a 50 gallon Wylie skid mount
sprayer in the back, behind the cab, and mounted a Wylie Extender
boom on the rear. We also had to completely fabricate the rear
mounting system as these trucks have no substantial bumper or hitch
area. The boom also has boom buster nozzles at each end to allow a
40 ft spray swath. Electric controls in the cab.
* Mini pick up
* Wylie 50 gallon skid sprayer / electric pump
* Wylie 12 ft extender boom with boom buster end nozzles
* 40 ft spray swath
* Boom detaches quickly to allow other uses for truck
* 50 ft recoil hose reel with Tee Jet gun