Our Liquid System

Tanks: 1000 -1800gal capacity, #4 finish 10 gauge 304
stainless steel tank, baffled design, 16'' manhole, with 10"  
opening. Stainless steel full length tapered V sump,
Stainless steel skid, dual sight gauges,50 gal stainless steel
rinse tank with top rinse sparger to clean heads, sides and
baffles, stainless steel fenders / cat walks, 3" tank reload

Welded Skid: One piece 3/16" (33% thicker than 10 gauge
used elsewhere) stainless steel design for strength and
durability, boom system is directly attached to chassis

Product Pump and System: Hypro 2”x 11/2”
hydraulically driven pump. Product plumbing is tig welded
Stainless Steel for long life, large strainers and valves for
capacity and efficiency. Other pumps available to suit your

Hydraulic System: Load sensing hydraulic pump and
system gives you full hydraulic functionality at low rpm's. 40
gallon reservoir with site gauge, baffle, vent and filter.
#3000 psi hyd cylinders used. Fasse valve blocks used for
dependability and availability.

Booms: Stahly or Wylie 60-90ft Straight or fold over
booms available. 1“ stainless steel spray tubes, individual
boom section control, 5 section electric motorized ball
valve shut-off standard, more sections are optional. Air
powered spray  tube clean-outs.

Spray Tubes: 1” Stainless steel spray tubes. Cam-lock
ends for draining and clean out.

Boom Controls: Fasse electric over hydraulic boom
controls standard.

Controller: Raven SCS 450 - 5 section, flow meter and  
GPS (Many others available)

Optional equipment:

GPS Precision Systems:
Trimble, Raven, Norac, JD
Straight Front Axles, Hydraulic Steering, Auto Boom Shut-
off, Auto Boom Height

Tires and Rims: Row Crop to Floaters and Row Crop Duals

Self-Contained Engine Drive:  Reliable Honda engines.

Foam Marker: Air (Stainless Steel Tank) or Electric

Many other custom options available to meet
your needs, just ask!

        We Love This Stuff!
Ag Trucks custom built spray systems are built for you at costs that are comparable to other off-the-shelf
systems. At Ag Trucks we think producers would respond to better quality than what had been available to
them in a truck mount spray system.

Our systems are designed for longevity and serviceability. Electrical and hydraulic systems are designed for
simplicity, allowing repairs to be made by the operator. You will not be held hostage, waiting for a service
person to show up in a truck painted in primary colors from far away.

An Ag Trucks Sprayer is built with long lasting Stainless Steel, SS Tank, SS tig welded plumbing, SS spray
pumps, SS spray tubes. We use Wylie and Stahly center sections and booms for rugged duribility and finese
for boom protection for years of trouble free service. Look over the spec's and photo's on this page and give
us a call for more information.