For over 20 years Fast Distributing has been
manufacturing high quality pull type sprayers. Offering tanks
up to 2400 gallons and boom widths to 132 ft. Fast Sprayers
are everything a producer requires: Large capacity, rugged
boom assemblies, simple efficient plumbing and straight
forward engineering. No bells and whistles...just common
sense features that help a farmer get the most out of every
application day.

9500 Series:
These sprayers are built to cover large acreages FAST. Tank
sizes of 1800 and 2400 gallons and boom widths up to 132ft.
The new TRUSS BOOM design of welded round tubular steel
and the inverted triangle design allows for lightness as well as
superior strength that is required for large booms. The new
design provides for even longer booms in the future.

Fold-over Design: The new TRUSS BOOM design allows for
a double fold-over design. A fold over joint is much stronger
design than a fold-around hinge. With a fold-over hinge,
gravity is used in a positive way to help hold the boom in
place. The outside wing folds over and into the second
section and then this section again: folds over the top of the
inside section. This idea eliminates the torque and stress that
a fold-around hinge places on the boom.

Molded Sculpted Tank: The sculpted design of this tank
provides a low center of gravity, making the sprayer more
stable in uneven ground as well as less sway which helps
stabilizes the boom. Baffles in the tank also keeps surging to a
minimum. The tank rests in its cradle, allowing gravity to hold
it in place.

Plumbing: Sprayer plumbing is very simple straight forward
and efficient. Large fill and suction plumbing allow for quick
fills and thorough draining. No "plumbing tree" here, where
hoses and fittings are hidden behind shields. Plumbing is in
plain sight and allows for easy routine inspection. Boom
valves are mounted out on the booms, closer to the spray
tips, less pressure drop where it counts.

Powder Coating: All FAST components are powder coated
to keep your investment looking like new for many years to

GPS-Precsion options: Like every thing we sell Ag  Trucks
can offer many choices concerning precision tools to make
your sprayer more productive. Things like guidance, mapping,
auto-boom shut-off, auto-boom height from top of the line
companies as TRIMBLE, RAVEN, NORAC, and many others.

Other Options: Many options are available on FAST
sprayers, many tires and configurations, Plumbing
configurations, foamers, induction cones and much more.

More Sprayers: Fast also makes other sprayers for other
-9600 Series: Tank sizes up to 1350 gallons and booms to 100 ft

-Large 3 pt booms: Up to 120ft

-Side mount tanks: for track type tractors 1000 gallon SS

-Small 3 pt sprayers: 225 gallon 3 pt with up to 30 ft boom,
boom buster nozzles.

For additional information click on one of the
brochures listed below and view some of the FAST
videos. Give us a call, we'd love to have the
opportunity to help you understand why FAST
sprayers are the best choice.