Ag Trucks & Equipment is a proud dealer of SprayFlex
truck mount sprayers.  SprayFlex fits our business of
dealing in Ag Specific Application Equipment.  

SprayFlex Sprayers allow you to:

•Get From Field To Field Faster With Our Unbeatable Road

•Carry More Water Into The Field Than Our Competitors
Sprayers With Less Compaction

•Get Excellent Crop Clearance

Models Offered:

Field Star 2000:
2000 gal Stainless Steel Tank / 100 gal SS rinse tank

Field Star 1450: 1450 gal Stainless Steel Tank / 100 gal SS rinse tank

Field Star 1250: 1250 gal Poly Tank / 100 gal poly rinse tank

Standard Truck Sprayer Features Include:
•Center mounted Aluminum Box Boom
•5’ end break away (spring loaded)  
•Boom widths available up to 130 ft
•Adjustable height back boom
•Raven 440 rate control with sky track radar
•Banjo flange fittings with stainless steel clamps
•Banjo Ball valves (3 boom)
•Tank agitators with electric shut-off
•Single nozzle bodies with caps
•2” bottom fill with meter
•9306 HM1C hypro water pump  
•Hydraulics on truck with 30 gallon hydraulic reservoir and oil cooler  
•Articulating hydraulic fold with joystick control from cab  
•5’ parallel main mast hydraulic lift
•Field light kit  
•Hydraulic boom tip lift (left and right)
•Brake lights and turn signals
•Off-road Front straight axle
•Lower gear ratio for rear axle
•Wheels and Tires (38” front – 46” rear) other sizes also available
•Aluminum Front Steps
•Aluminum Rear Fenders
•Formed Front Bumper
•Tank Rinse Spinners
•Pressure gauge on each boom (up to 5 boom shut-offs)

Optional equipment available on Truck Sprayers:
•Dual rear wheels  
•Under carriage plastic skid
•Foam marker
•Double nozzle bodies with caps
•Triple nozzle bodies with caps
•Automatic boom shut-offs  
•Additional boom shut-offs
•Auto steer (may require Hydraulic Steering kit)
•Hydraulic Steering kit
•Electric end nozzles (one or both sides)
•Varitarget nozzles
•Auto Height control
•Front boom
•Center boom  
•3" Bottom fill